Stainless Steel Household Coffee Maker Filter Coffee

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  • ▲Using borosilicate glass material, lead-free, non-toxic, high temperature resistant, long service life.
  • ▲Elegant and elegant design - Whether it is at home, in the office or at a party, the cup is the ideal companion. Every coffee and tea lover can see the eye-catching - of course, 100% eco-friendly material.
  • ▲Using stainless steel filter net, spring net, no residual filter, not easy to deform, good anti-fatigue performance.
  • ▲The handle design conforms to the human body mechanics, the curved design, the grip is comfortable, and the bearing capacity is strong.
  • ▲Enjoy your delicious drink - Enjoy the aroma of coffee and strong tea during your leisure time - Convenient rather than cumbersome Drink from any side comfortably. One hand is what you need.